Our Team

The Zeiss Team

We believe that culture drives innovation, destiny and success. For this reason, we take great care in selecting the very best people to serve the firm. Our lead members are important members of the society who do not hesitate to ensure the success of any project. Our core team consists of board of directors, senior management, Non Executive directors, advisors from diverse industries and background. Most of our senior members are well known business executives, academics, and key influencial figures in Many countries of the w in their countries and their fields of expertise.


Our success in the sectors we operate are mainly as a result of our strategy to prioritize the caliber of people we involve as part of the management team for the various companies or projects where we place invests. We believe that bad business with good people has a higher chance of success than good business with bad people. We work with the management team as partners and help them to grow the business as well as themselves.

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